The Chukka


Turf boots, Chukkas, and most famously the desert boot; all names for the well known and loved three or two eyelet-ed, crepe soled, ankle high leather boot. Conceived by Officer Nathan Clark (great-grandson of James Clark - one of the two founders of C&J Clark Ltd. and pictured above) in the 1940’s, the shoe debuted at the Chicago Shoe Fair in 1950.

Drawing inspiration from the footwear of the Egyptian military uniform which he saw while touring in WWII, Nathan drafted concepts which later became the Clarks Desert Boot. One of the worlds most recognized shoe silhouettes.

Not catching on at first, the shoe was marketed towards tourists in England and saw more success overseas than in the US. Arguably it was Esquire magazine’s full-color feature of the shoes in the early 50’s that laid the foundation for their popularization in the 60’s and beyond. Now a a staple in most gentleman’s shoe selections, they are a classy, durable option for semi-formal and business-casual footwear.

Sources: Clarks, Repository Mag, Mod Male.

From Australian design duo Perks & Mini comes fresh pieces of their newest collection “PRO ACTIVE MUTATION.” Last week saw a new hat and button up (first image) and this week more is revealed about their much-instagramed lycra pieces. A brand that really deserves more attention, P.A.M always brings interesting cuts and collections that are challenging and still very wearable.

While walking through Chinatown to my internship today I happened across a great headshop/streetwear boutique, Trichome, that I’ve seen a lot of cool instagrams from (namely of FUCT pieces). I learned that they will soon be stocking P.A.M, so if you are in the Seattle area, keep your eyes peeled!

Rumble Casual Shirt (lower right) – “Whether strolling the sewers or doing ‘business’ with a ‘professional’, this P.A.M. Rumble Shirt sidesteps tradition in the blink of a double-layered eyelid. 100% cotton Japanese shirting, mutant chest pocket with waterproof zipper, elasticated 2 stripe ribbing at hem and cuffs, P.A.M. buttons. 

Tech Sports Skins (lower left) – Paneled stretch leggings in ‘dull Lycra’ and sports mesh. With 3M reflective decals, logo printed stretch-taped hems and comfortable fit for all casual / sport / tech and techno demands. ‘Dull lycra’ is a non shiny, non wet-look fabric with all the advantages of Lycra, but a more subtle appearance.

Images and piece descriptions via P.A.M. website.

Perhaps old news for some, John Elliot + CO. had been flying just under my radar until BOF did a thoughtful write up and interview. Describing their ascending success and cult like following, the company started from a $30k investment and is poised to be raking in revenues  “in the seven figure range” by the end of the year.

Providing sturdy, well constructed basics that have not-so-basic fits and details, the goal of John Elliot + CO is to make new classics that transcend trends. Currently all of their manufacturing is done in LA (which I love as a huge proponent for made-in-America garments) making their production runs small, but high quality.

Reminding me of Coco Chanel’s principles in a way, the pieces are built on the pillars of denim, French terry, and jersey.  Available on their website as well as in Machus of Portland, OR; individually they make strong additions to whatever you might be wearing but when worn together they work exceptionally beautifully.

Ophelia’s Place Design Challenge


The second annual design competition, local Eugene jewelry store Beaudet Jewelry takes an afternoon to foster the creativity and imagination of the girls of Ophelia’s Place. Designing possible prizes for a benefit drawing, the design that gets the most votes will be hand-fabricated by Charles Beaudet and raffled off.

All proceeds go the the organization Ophelia’s Place which “provides services that intervene at an early point in a girls life, giving her an opportunity to develop supportive relationships and strengths that will lead to her long-term well-being. Interventions help prevent tragic and costly outcomes such as domestic violence, low educational achievement, early pregnancy, or drug and alcohol abuse.”

Be sure and cast your vote HERE.

*EDIT* - Polls end 9/1!


A San Diego boutique, Broke Bitch focuses on unisex pieces that blur the lines of gender fashion and transitional dressing. You can head over to Faux Society for the F/W 2014 look book, “Puffy Ambitions.” (Images)

Featuring futuristic pieces in PVC composites and synthetic materials that defy gravity; silhouettes take on a solid, masculine shape and form. If you see something you like, be sure and act fast as pieces go fast! Use the code: JUICE for free shipping for a limited time.